Be the Master of Your Day

The book focuses on the key aspects of leveraging your time productively with simple hacks and optimizations.

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This book is best suited for…

those who wish to make the most of their day without having to resort to crazy ideas and aspects.

3 quick take-aways:

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Optimize your time & space for optimal working

Using effective time management techniques provides a stability and consistency to daily life. As a result, you’ll spend less time worrying about the future and more time focusing on the task at hand.
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Prioritize Daily Tasks

Ask yourself, ‘If I complete this task, will I be satisfied with what I have done?’ Consider the task that you would do if you could only choose one. Which task would move you closer to your goal in the allotted time?
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Set a Daily System

Look at the big picture and then focus-in on the day-to-day reality of making goals come to fruition.
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Leveraging some of the simple approaches in Master Your Day has won me an hour a day

Theo Pistorius

I loved the simple, applicable tips like working where you are comfortable

Erna Dawkins

The illustrations and flow of the book has made it a joy to read. I definitely recommend it!

Jane Hopkins

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