Building Your Personal Brand

Build your brand for personal & business success

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What is a personal brand?

Your personal brand is how you promote yourself. It is the unique combination of skills, experience, and personality that you want the world to see you. It is the telling of your story, and how it reflects your conduct, behavior, spoken and unspoken words, and attitudes.

Why you need a personal brand

Your personal brand can be vital to you professionally. It is how you present yourself to current and potential clients. It gives you the opportunity to ensure that people see you in the way you want them to, instead of in some arbitrary, possibly detrimental, way.

Determining who you are

The first step in creating a powerful personal brand is to determine who you are. Remember, building your personal brand is about sharing your authentic self with the world.

Determining what you want to accomplish

Once you have identified the core of who you are, it’s time to think about what you want to accomplish with your personal brand.

Your target audience

Nobody likes shouting in the wind, struggling to get heard. We tackle 5 questions to define your audience.
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This course is about

Your brand encapsulates who you are, what you stand for, and what people can expect from you. It can form either by accident or by design. It is critical to devote at least some time each week to strengthening your brand.

Claudia Law

Claudia Law is the artwork and branding coordinator at Trinity Pharma, and has worked in the branding and marketing field for more than 10 years. She has managed multi-product portfolio branding, business and personal branding for businesses large and small.

3 quick take-aways:

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You are your brand

How people perceive your forms a basis of your brand. You are in control of this if you take the steps to manage it.

You have a USP

What is unique to you is your Unique Value Proposition. Determine it, drive it, thrive it. Generality sucks.
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Define your audience

You can't speak to everything and everyone. Define who you speak to, so that you can communicate effectively.

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