Dr John-John Lottering

The Top 10 Male Health Problems

by Dr John-John Lottering
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Dr John-John Lottering 

MTech: Hom (Natal); Biopuncture; NutritionHe is a professional who graduated from Durban University of Technology in 2001. He is an experienced homeopathic Doctor which has demonstrated a clear understanding of his patients and their needs and requirements with regards to their health.

Dr Lottering is well-skilled in the following areas:

  • Hormone Regulation Therapies
  • Integrative Medicinal Therapeutics
  • Live Blood Analysis
  • Biopuncture
  • Homeopathy
  • Children’s health
  • Sport and performance optimization

Since the start of his practice in 2004 he uses several therapies within his scope of practice ranging from nutritional counselling, herbal medicines, homeopathy, injection therapy and several more in order to assist his patient in experiencing optimal health.

Dr Lottering further strongly believes in understanding and finding a medical diagnosis, but instead of treating the symptoms, he takes on a functional approach to find the solution as to why a problem is presenting itself.

Being a very active and sport orientated individual, Dr Lottering developed a sound interest in sport physiology and optimization and have treated several top athletes in his career. He treated several young and upcoming junior provincial rugby players and understands under how much stress these individuals are place in order to “make the team”. This often leads these young professionals to search for banned substances (from anabolic steroids to protein powders) to enable them to perform better -often with horrendous results. 

Dr Lottering took it upon himself to educate individuals as to what the dangers are of using anabolic steroids and testosterone optimization therapy. 

He further has a vast amount of knowledge around the proper hormonal functioning in males and females and knows how to correct any imbalances in these systems -from andropause to menopause, thyroid problems, insulin and diabetes………

” I firmly believe that the greatest gif in life is your health and sustaining it should be a proactive responsibility”- Dr. John-John Lottering

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