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Get a unique perspective to your current state, and take the next steps on your personal journey of excellence.

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What is the HWH 360° Assessment?

The HWH 360° Lifestyle Assessment is a lifestyle assessment compiled by 38 experts in physiology, psychology, family and romantic relationships, personal and career growth.
It is a simple overview tool to assess for yourself which areas to grow through or to next.

What to expect

Online learning

12 Sections

Touching on a wide assortment of internal and external lifestyle aspects, from the living environment to personal character. 

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2580+ Questions

You are unique, and so should your path be. You’ll draw from over 2500 questions, for a report bespoke, unique to you.

What do we assess?

Living environment icon

Living Environment

Your environment has a direct effect on your happiness and your stress. If your environment is under strain, you are. 

Personal stress icon

Personal Stress

Feeling a bit stressed? Or has it been ages since you had a break? Use the assessment to see whether your stress is a factor to fix now!

Physical health icon

Physical Health

Not merely happy with a “have you hit the gym recently”, we do a rough estimate on how your physical health looks. 

Spiritual Health icon

Spiritual Health

Inner peace a bit in pieces? Or maybe you have been shooting deep root in faith. Measure your personal progress! 

Family health icon

Familial Relationships

Our families have an integral effect on our personal situations. Does your familial strength need urgent bolstering? 

Romantic health icon

Romantic Health

Romance isn’t just with your partner! Remember that romance starts with the love you have for yourself, and grows from there! 

Societal health icon

Societal Interactions

No man is an island, and nor are you. See whether your social interactions are well integrated, or maybe needs rebalancing.

Career health icon

Career Mindset

Wondering whether your career is eating the rest of your life? Or concerned that you aren’t focused enough? Check your score! 

Financial health icon

Financial Mindset

Wealth starts in the mind. But how are you scoring in your financial mindset? On the way to wealth… or wincing?

Emotional Health Icon

Emotional Health

Feeling a bit down? Or happy as a lark? See whether your emotional health is on track, or whether check-in is required.

Intellectual health icon

Intellectual Health

Your mind is your greatest asset. See whether your asset needs investing a bit more, or whether your mind is mentally agile. 

Character health icon

Personal Character

How trustworthy are you? Do you need to invest some time in developing your character?

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You got questions? We have answers.

Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions

❔ Is it benchmarked against others?

The HWH 360° Lifestyle Assessment is a standardized test created through a combination of 25 lifestyle- and health-professional intake assessments. It was created in consultation with 38 field experts from across the globe. The results are representative and benchmarked against their professional tests. However, it is a self-assessment, and therefore results will vary based on your own truthfulness.

❔ What can I do with the report?

​The report is there for your own information and contains handy, discounted links to our HWH short courses, a secret discount to two of our premium courses (go look closely!) and most importantly, a benchmark for you to work from when you do the assessment again later! It also, of course, provides a handy overview of your current state, and what to work on next. 🙂

❔ Why a self-assessment?

As much as we would all love to sit down for a professional assessment in a controlled environment with people in white labcoats observing our every gesture, reality somehow seems to get in the way! So we whipped together the best of the best internationally, to allow you to take a serious look at yourself… in the comfort of your own home. That cuts down on the travel expenses… and the anxiety that white lab coats bring!

❔ Is this medically representative?

We would definitely recommend seeing a professional if you know of, or are dealing with, any issues touched upon in this assessment.
If urgent help is required, please, please get in touch with a professional. This assessment and report is designed to inform and help take a first step, not provide a diagnosis or professional cure.