A holistic approach to health and wellness

You are unique and so is your health & wellness.
We focus on the 4 key aspects of health & wellness:

  • physical,
  • mental,
  • emotional, and
  • spiritual.


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Our Approach to a Healthy lifestyle

We believe health is more than the food we eat and the exercise we do.
We have a holistic view of health that focuses on food, activity, stress, sleep as well as everyday choices.

To do this, we focus on the 4 key pillars of health!

Physical Health

A healthy body is key to unlocking mental, emotional and spiritual health.  It includes nutrition, activity, sleep patterns and more.

Mental Health

Good Mental health enables healthy decision-making and good choices are at the heart of wellness.

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Emotional Health

Being emotionally healthy allows us to be in control of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

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Spiritual Health

This is not about any specific faith, but about living a life of purpose, values and clarity.

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Weight Management Consultant

Your HWH consultant is a process expert, guiding your journey and coaching you to your destination.

Each consultant has been through the weight management program and has the knowledge and experience to assist you. They truly have been where you are at, and are committed to helping you reach your goal.

Invest in yourself by getting and Accountability Coach that will meet or connect with you on a regular basis to discuss your progress. They will help you  move from where you are now to where you want  to be.

Start your Transformation

Our program is designed around the HWH 45-day eating plan.
It comes with a full food journal, recipes, food list and app tracker.

Eating Plans

We have a 45-day, unique eating plan! We know each person is unique so choose the plan that suits you!

eBook - Beyond the gym

Get fitness tips you can incorporate into daily life.  The gym isn’t your only option for staying in shape.

Tracking app

Get access to our custom HWH Eating Plan tracker app. Download the app and track your food intake, steps, measurements and progress right from your mobile phone.

You’ll also get exclusive access to meditations and an exercise program.


At the core of health is good nutrition! That’s why we’ve partners with Nutrilite, the world’s #1 nutritional company and the only one to grow, harvest and process on their own certified organic farms.


Join our community where you can be encouraged, motivated and inspired! Join group & virtual walks, share your results and pay it forward!


The best progress is made when we have an accountability partner. Engage with one of our coaches to accelerate your progress.

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