Lost: a total of 20kgs, and an average of 15.5cm AND she has gained an Orange Belt in Korean Martial Arts. “Your health is not going to happen by accident. During my first cycle, I lost 9kgs and over the course of the second cycle, I lost about another 6 kgs. I then went on to lose about 5kgs after The program, simply by keeping up the good habits that I created during my weight loss cycle.”


This program has improved my life. After loosing more than 20kg, within a space of about 3 months, my skin has improved and I even look younger. My children and my husband like what they are seeing. Above all, my husband is joining me on the program  Wherever I go people are asking me what have you done to look so young, beautiful and healthy.

I enjoyed learning how to eat better on the challenge. I definitely feel healthier and I have more energy. The coaches also helped and I was inspired by the other contestants as well. I felt part of a community.
I loved the challenge because I felt part of a community. Even though I ran alone I knew there were others doing the same and this kept me on track. I also really enjoyed the training that was offered as part of the challenge.
This challenge taught me to be consistent and to focus. Knowing that I had to complete 10 000 steps a day helped me put excuses like being a nursing mother aside and to do it anyway.
The challenge helped me get my health back on track. Even though I was unable to exercise due to a knee operation, I was still able to set a goal. I appreciated the support, encouragement, blogs and the easy meal plans that were available. Best of all I loved the results I was able to attain in just 45 Days. I remain committed.
The challenge gave me the opportunity to focus on me. I am a mum to a busy toddler and all my energy and thoughts around food revolved around him. The challenge got me to think about what I was eating. I enjoyed the community & I started to feel fantastic. I’m in for the next one.
After a high blood pressure scare, her doctors advised her to lose weight . She entered the challenge and is now feeling much better and her health has improved.
The challenge helped me commit to getting my body back after becoming a new breastfeeding mom without jepardising my babies health. I enjoyed the messages, the judging criteria and the fact that I could work at my own pace without ridiculous diets and exercise regimens. I also benefitted from the supplements.

I desperately wanted to lose weight, I grew up being active but lately I felt lazy and tired most of the time. I have always had a saying that ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.’ This challenge proved it. From day one I saw it and believed it, I was going to make it and that’s exactly what happened.
I have gained self belief, I grew up having very little self confidence. I have enjoyed everything  about this challenge and the support we get from HWH. The teachings found on the website, food lists, and virtual walks were great but above all I now enjoy my morning workouts and evening walks.  I love the energy I have and would not want to lose how that makes me feel.

I really enjoyed the challenge and came away with two major lessons which I will use in my life. Firstly, if you put your mind to something, you can achieve your goal & secondly quitting is never an option.
I lost 6Kg, taking me to my weight of 45 years ago when I was a Soccer player! I found something that we could do together for a whole 45 days as husband and wife. We enjoyed the long walks that brought us even closer to each other. I feel light, agile, self- confident and look splendid. We will continue on our journey.

Lisa Pistorius

On 16 September 2010, after 1 year of a barrage of medical tests, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

I had been reasonably active my whole life, having done gymnastics for most of my school career and from 2009 onwards, I found myself in constant pain, fatigue and swollen joints. This became extremely debilitating to the point of struggling to dress myself or pick up a kettle to make a cup of coffee.

Having tried various treatments over the course of 8 years, including cortisone injections, strong anti-inflammatories etc. My specialist informed me “people make a big thing of diet but it doesn’t make a difference”

Thus, when I started my HWH journey, my main goal wasn’t necessarily to lose loads of weight but to build good habits and to see whether this could help with my pain and energy levels.

Over the course of 2 cycles, I lost 4kg that I was carrying just in inflammation and approximately 3cm everywhere. But MORE than that, I had mental and physical energy.  I had the best winter in 9 years where previously, I would be almost incapacitated, unable to drive, hardly able to walk, where colleagues would wheel me on my office chair to meetings or to the bathroom.

I feel that including HWH principles as part of a lifestyle change and the results I’ve experienced, shows that my specialist was not correct – diet makes a MASSIVE difference.

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