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Ajita Ratanjee

Making your health journey easy and practical

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My Specialities:

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Lifestyle Management

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Disease Management

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Weight Management

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Healthy Growth Mindset

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My Coaching Style

Listening… I will give you the opportunity to tell me about your lifestyle and goals you wish to accomplish as well as challenges you experience on weight loss plans.

I will then work out an optimal diet plan that will meet your needs and deliver results.

Keeping it simple, fun and practical is my coaching style.

What to expect

Through live face to face interactions, as well as virtual sessions I will hear all about your diet and health challenges.

I will then create a personalised plan for you to achieve your goals.

As a coach I will support you with education and tools to lose weight and help find additional solutions as we progress on your weight loss journey.


What to prepare

Come with a willingness to make changes over time.

Be open to being accountable.

Be consistent with follow up sessions … this is key to long term results

Why Ajita?

For over 20 years in clinical practice I have seen the frustration and disappointment people experience with managing weight and lifestyle diseases.

As a dietitian that cares about results and making a lifestyle change for you that is fun and lasting is my goal!

Working with each individual’s lifestyle and preferences we create a dietary plan that delivers weekly results and makes healthy living easy and practical.

Ajita Ratanjee Profile Picture

Meet Ajita

I’m a clinical dietitian with over 20 years experience in management of lifestyle diseases.

Over the past 20 years I’ve helped many clients lose weight and keep it off. It gives me great joy to work with a client and deliver results that create a life and body they learn to love and appreciate.

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