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Bandile Leopeng

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My Specialities:

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Anxiety & Depression

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Attitudinal Change


Affirmation & Visualization

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Personal Development

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My Coaching Style

I utilise an eclectic mix of emotional regulation, mindfulness-based training, positive psychology principles and spiritual principles.

Above all, I emphasise a collaborative approach between us, acting only as a bridge to the destination you wish to get to.

What to expect

From the outset we set the goals and priorities you wish to achieve by engaging with our process.

However, as with all great accomplishments in life, it starts with a single step, a single goal.

Rather than trying to achieve many things in a short time-frame, we work on your one MAJOR DEFINITE PURPOSE, and set timelines for little achievements and victories along the way.


What to prepare

Be prepared to be completely honest. Confidentiality is guaranteed and we can only move forward towards your healing and personal development if you trust in me as your facilitator.

The process will always be more revealing if you can be forthright about all your anxieties, hopes, fears and desires.

We will also be working on weekly journalling tasks for insight awareness.

Why Bandile?

I believe that we can, to a significant degree, affect the positive direction of our lives.

There will always be challenges and obstacles along the way, including emotional, financial, psychological and personal circumstances.

While these may be difficult to navigate for some, my approach is to use our own inner resources to overcome these issues and live richly rewarding and satisfying lives

Mike Erasmus

Meet Bandile

I am a professional boxer and registered psychologist. I would consider myself to be an observer; first, and foremostly, of my own intrapsychic processes, and secondly, of this process of life.

This unique blend of characteristics has led to the ongoing development of a personal philosophy in conduct, discipline, and service to others and ways of interpreting the world.

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