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David Goncalves

Finding your path

Dr David Goncalves

My Specialities:

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Personal Performance

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Sports Performance

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Weight Management


Relationship Counselling

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My Coaching Style

My approach is to help you find clarity primarily, and then to map out a clear direction in which we help you to “move” towards where you want to be.

My style is practical and relatable, and we use measurable goals to guage progress.

Empathy with honest challenging is my coaching style.

What to expect

Through live face to face interaction, as well as virtual consultations, I begin by assessing each person’s start point as it relates to the particular issue that they would like to address.

As a coach my role is not to instruct but to enhance. Many people are high performance individuals who just need an outsider perspective with the necessary skills to unlock and ‘open up’ some new perspectives and directions.

I also offer an accountability space when appropriate.


What to prepare

It is best to come prepared to be met, as well as challenged, emotionally, professionally or personally.

Be aware of your reason for seeking coaching and what you would like to achieve through it.

Why Dr David?

So many people lead lives being silent about their discontent or their desperation. In many cases people are so tragically close to what they desire but their beliefs about themselves make them believe otherwise.

The right coaching with a sensitive psychological outlook is essential in helping people make definitive steps closer to their preferred versions of themselves. This applies to various contexts including professional, personal, sport and relationships.

Dr David Goncalves

Meet David

 I’m a practicing psychologist since 2001 after completing my Masters degree & hospital internship, as well as having a keen interest in corporate businessI am a happily married (since 2001) father of three sons.

I am also an endurance athlete with several sub 3 hour marathons, a silver Comrades marathon medal winner, and a competitive mountain biker.

I love personal performance, seeing people release themselves toward their full potential.

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