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My Specialities:

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Team Development

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My Coaching Style

The experience gained in the corporate world as well as in the business world later has given me a unique perspective on success and what it takes to grow and be successful.

I would love nothing more than to share these perspectives with you to help you along your success journey.

What to expect

So many of us end up in a place where we are disillusioned and uncertain and have no idea where we should be going or what we should be doing to get there. It is almost as if we have reached our ceiling and destined to be unfulfilled. We don’t understand why things are not turning out according to all the great plans we had for our life.

I will help you reassess exactly what is happening to you and take you through a process that will get you unstuck and into a new and exciting journey with clear goals, an exciting vision and a comprehensive roadmap.

Come with me to take that first step.


What to prepare

Come with a willingness to discuss and engage your issues of importance.

If possible, have your HWH 360° Assessment report handy as well.

Remember that your level of engagement will determine what you get out of the process.

Why Mike?

What gives me joy and a huge sense of accomplishment is helping people who are stuck.

Whether it be in life, in a career, in a relationship or wherever you may be looking to grow or change your current circumstances.

I’m here to assist you in finding a solution and get you started on your journey.

Mike Erasmus

Meet Mike

I am an executive coach and facilitator, and the founder of Strategic Facilitation. My success skills and habits clients include corporate executives and business owners.

My corporate career, culminating as a gold-mining industry executive, and have qualifications in management, psychology and labour law.


Will Thompson - Business Consultant

Mike has been my coach for quite some time and he has helped me become much more effective as a businessman and independent consultant.

He has also helped me to set personal goals and taught me how to involve my family in those goals.

He has become not only a mentor to me but also a good friend.


Thabo Mhlongo - Corporate executive

Mike has shown me how to become much more effective in my job as an executive. He has taught me to set proper goals and prioritize them effectively.

This has helped not only me personally, but my teams are also benefiting


Jenny Bates - Teacher

Mike has been my life coach for many years. He has taught me so much that has made my life better. He is a great coach and I deeply value the time we have spent together over the years and the progress that he has helped me make in my life.

I would not be this far along in my life goals or have the courage I now have were it not for his guidance and wisdom.

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