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My Specialities:

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Biz Scaling

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My Coaching Style

My focus on a combination of business and personal transformation means that we will start by focusing on where you are, before looking at where you want to go, and then deploying GETMO.

I help you look beyond what you consider possible, drawing from diverse industries and creative problem-solving techniques. We will explore ways to help you systemize your success, drawing on your background and my Olympic experience that lets ordinary people create extraordinary results. My mottos are: “Mindset. Skillset. Then Toolset,” and “Legacy. Loyalty. Lifestyle.”

Our focus will be on achieving results while having fun (and a bunch of laughs), as we get our heads around what leadership means in this amazing new enterprise age. And if we can help your team benefit as well, even better!

What to expect

Get ready to unlock your potential as a founder, a top or mid-tier executive, or an emerging leader in your industry. No matter your age or experience, we will grab and get you moving and growing. Your unwavering commitment to making a positive impact will be the fuel to propel you towards greatness. Let’s embark on this enriching adventure together, nurturing your vision, purpose, and business to thrive in a fast-changing world

I will help you reassess precisely what is happening, both around and to you, and to your business (or business idea), and take you through a systemized process that will get you unstuck and into a new and exciting journey with clear goals, a compelling vision and a comprehensive roadmap.

Come with me to take that first step.


What to prepare

If you can get clear on where you want to go, either your own life, or with your business, no matter how small, then we can work from there.

If possible, have your HWH 360° Assessment report handy as well.

Remember that your level of engagement will determine what you get out of the process.

Why Theo?

With a decade of enterprise strategy experience and a passion for sustainable entrepreneurship, I’m your guide to integrating conscious success principles and the 24 assets for thriving in the modern era.

Unlock your potential as a top executive or founder and embark on this enriching adventure to thrive in a fast-changing world.

Let’s make a positive impact together!

Mike Erasmus

Meet Theo

I’m an accomplished startup entrepreneur with over a decade of experience, specializing in sustainable solutions. I’ve achieved and helped founders achieve, growth from zero to impressive multi-million euro startup valuations.

As a strategic consultant and advisor, I craft compelling visions, implement effective business plans, and lead diverse teams to success.

His expertise spans Advanced Remote Sensing, creative problem-solving, and socio-environmental leadership. With a passion for making a positive impact, I’m ready to help you embrace new challenges as a senior executive or founder, continuing to push the boundaries of sustainable entrepreneurship.


Esta van Heerden - Professor & Multi-million $ Startup Founder

Theo has helped my team and me to go from startup to scale-up, with local and international clients in 24 months.

A consummate professional, Theo is the real deal.


Dr Nitesh Poona - National Sugar Institute

How does one describe Theo?
Driven? Intense? Professional?
Or warm? Humorous? Passionate?

All of the above, and more importantly: here to help you get results.


Nick Holmes - Major League Baseball

As a former Marine, an Olympic coach and an international scout, my bar is set high. To match it is to be a champion.

Theo has met the bar, raised mine, and become more than a coach. He has become a friend.

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