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My Specialities:

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Emotional Intelligence

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Mindset Matters



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Relationship Coaching

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My Coaching Style

My purpose is to act as a thinking partner and hold space for you as we explore together the best tools and methods to achieve your coaching goals.

I bring empathy and positivity to coaching sessions, and use active listening and my coaching presence to focus on your needs and help get you to your best next step.

What to expect

We know that face to face conversation is very necessary to effectively help a person process information.

The purpose of these one on one consultations are to first evaluate where the challenges are in achieving your goals and facilitate sessions to overcome those challenges.

There are few areas that we need to cover for the better solutions such as goal settings, self-awareness, etc. Make an appointment for one on one consultation. “A better tomorrow is the reflection of a better action today.”


What to prepare

Come with an open mind, a willingness to learn and some idea of what it is you want to change in your life.

Your level of engagement will determine what sort of results you will get from each session.

Be prepared to be honest, open and willing to trust the process.

Why Tracy?

So many people go through life using only a fraction of their potential.

We often have no idea how to tap into some of the simple resources available to us. We don’t understand how scotomas, limiting beliefs, conditioning really affects our daily lives.

We believe that we aren’t the captain of our ships.

I’m here to help you grab the helm again, and captain your own life-ship.

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Meet Tracy

I’m a wife, mother and granny, a serial entrepreneur and have owned my own business for more than 30 years. I am also a qualified facilitator and NLP Coach.

I am passionate about personal growth and enjoy sharing these principals with others.


Carlien Pieterse

Thanks for a very pleasant day, I arrived with trepidation and expectation, but very quickly became so involved with the ‘work’ that I started noticing the people around me, and their reaction times and understanding of the content of the exercises.

I am comfortably aware of the need to overcome my procrastination and am seriously looking at every avenue to make it something of the past.


Karin Ayres

We loved the session, we feel that it really covered all the major areas which define our identities and values. We have already done most of the tests we went through in the past but to do it again was absolutely necessary, we found areas where we changed and areas that need more positive attention.

We loved the interaction and as always, you and Martin helped with so much energy and passion.


Anzelle & Brendan Cooney

We just wanted to thank you for the amazing work shop we had on Saturday, it was truly inspiring and came at the right time. We needed to re-look at some of our goals and objectives for this year and just get back on track, so a big thanks…

It made us realise that we need to be more grateful focus our attention on what is important and not the day to day tasks that make us go off track.

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Blogs & Courses I contributed to…

How do you define success?

How do you define success?

>People like Richard Branson come to mind when we refer to wealth, he says “that success is about happiness,” Warren Buffet values relationships above all else and Maya Angelou believed that success is about enjoying your work.

Winning in tough times

Winning in tough times

Stop sweating the small stuff is another great lesson. When life is tough and circumstances are not as they should be, cut yourself some slack.

Your past is not your future

Your past is not your future

I was determined that I would love my life, I would explore the world. I would take up challenges, I would be a different kind of parent. I would create memories. I would not work the 40 year plan and die broke, taking all my dreams to the grave with me. lities.

Practical ways to give your self-esteem a boost

Practical ways to give your self-esteem a boost

In my experience, over years of working with literally thousands of people, everyone suffers with some degree of poor self- esteem. Outwardly people ooze self – confidence but if you had to dig deep even the most secure person on occasion questions their abilities.