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My Specialities:

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Wealth Management


Financial intelligence

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Financial management

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My Coaching Style

My purpose is to act as a thinking partner and hold space for you as we explore together financial tools and methods to achieve your financial goals.

I bring energy and positivity to coaching sessions, and use my knowledge and coaching presence to focus on your needs and help you get to your best next steps.

What to expect

We know that face to face conversations is very necessary to effectively help a person process information.

The purpose of these one on one consultations is to first evaluate where the challenges are in achieving your financial goals and facilitate sessions to overcome these financial challenges.

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What to prepare

Everybody is on their own financial journey. Some are looking to survive whilst others are looking to invest.

Come prepared by understanding your situation and with the relevant financial information, such as a summary budget, cashflow or other financial information.

If you don’t have any of this, come with a pen and paper at least.

Why Travers?

My purpose is to help people better understand their finances and how money matters impact their daily lives.

It doesn’t matter what the event is (pandemic, politics, unrest), everything impacts the economy in either a positive or negative way.

We need to understand is how to prepare and plan for all eventualities. This means understanding how to budget, save and measure our personal wealth.

I’m here to help people improve their understanding of finances and seeing how this positively impacts their lives.

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Meet Travers

 I am a Chartered Accountant with over 17 years experience and hold an MBA in strategy from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland.

I have held various senior positions in finance and been a CFO of a listed company.

I am passionate about finances, financial markets and the key forces influencing these.


Theo Stroh

It was helpful to understand the various myths and how they play such an important role in our thoughts and opinions on money. The myth that stood out the most for me, was the myth that I will never make enough money. This is something I have believed most of my adult life, and it really resonated with me.

Thank you, Travers, for a well-presented course, you have definitely made a difference in my life! Not only did you communicate the topic well you made me believe again!


Simon King

 I did the “Take Control of Your Finances Course” and it really changed the way I think about my personal finances. I did the course and all of the questions.

The two key topics that I focused on were budgeting and saving. I used the excel template and completed my budget the way Travers said I should. Wow, it really made me re-think all the money I waste every month and how to better manage it.

I highly recommend Travers as a presenter and financial coach! Thank you again!

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