Why did I join the challenge?
I joined the challenge because I had a strong belief that I’m capable of anything. I didn’t wait for the perfect moment, I took the moment and made it perfect. Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.

What did I learn?
I learnt that “THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS”. It’s all start in your mind. The winning starts in your mind and you start to develop mental fitness, endurance, discipline and consistency. Continual Education played a very important role in my journey.

What did I achieve?
I had a dream of being a fitness trainer. I have achieved the first step of that goal because this challenge paved a way for me to reach this goal (on my goal list).
I managed to open my own YouTube channel (@powerhouseCity) after joining this competition. That is something.

What did I enjoy?
Firstly I enjoyed every training session I had.
The use of the organic products (Xs and Nutrilite). These products made a huge difference.
A healthy lifestyle gives you A happy lifestyle
The health diet guidelines also made a difference
The morning running challenge also played a part …I’m still running every weekend. This has become my habit.

What do I attribute my success to?
Since a lot of people are not familiar with Xs and Nutrilites products, this was an opportunity for me to share my experience and advertise some of my favourite products.
As a fitness trainer you improve people’s lifestyle
There is still a room for improvement.

Who encouraged me?
My father played a very essential role since he is a bodybuilder. He is my role model.
Kananelo Seetha shared this challenge with me. I trained with him most of the time.

Would I do it again?
Yes of course. The world doesn’t have a place for second. If you are good at something learn to dominate.
If you achieve your goal, set another goal. If you arrive on top of the mountain look for another mountain to climb. Just keep on climbing. WINNERS DON’T QUIT AND QUITTERS DON’T WIN.

Would I invite friends to join me?
Definitely…I have already started to recruit some of friends for this upcoming challenge in  February. This will make the challenge more competitive because the hotter the battle the sweeter the victory.