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About martin

Martin Hutchins is an entrepreneur, speaker, coach and family man. Martin is a certified Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioners, Negative Emotional Therapy Practitioner, Transformational Coach and NLP life Coach. On a personal level he has mentored and coached individuals on business, marriage and relationships.

Over the past two decade he has had the incredible opportunity to share what he has learnt with literally hundreds of thousands of individuals across the globe and often address audiences in their thousands. He has impacted individuals from all walks of life and educational backgrounds, from the unemployed youth to major players in the corporate arena.

Success means different things to different people but Martin believe in a holistic approach to life. His goal is to see YOU, realise YOUR full potential by understanding where you are and then knowing where it is you want to go. 

My Philosophy

My purpose is to act as a thinking partner and hold space for you as we explore together the best tools and methods to achieve your coaching goals. I bring empathy and positivity to coaching sessions, and use active listening and my coaching presence to focus on your needs and help get you to your best next step.

My Courses

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What do the sessions deal with?
We’ve gathered all the information essential for the first steps in 6  lectures.
Lesson 1: Review your past
Common wisdom suggests that you should keep looking forward and leave the past in your review mirror, but this can be a mistake. The past has much to reveal.
Lesson 2: Strive for balance
Unless you intentionally put your life in balance, it’s unbalanced  Having balance among various parts of your life is necessary for happiness and well rounded success.
Lesson 3: Set goals to increase value
After assessing your life, you should have a good idea of where your weakness lie. Seek balance and contentment will follow.
Lesson 4: Gathering your resources
For most goals you are going to need more than just yourself with your current level of knowledge and expertise. You will require other people, advice. education and new skills.
Lesson 5: Do you have what it takes
Attaining your goal isn’t just about having goals and doing the right thing. It’s necessary to become successful in the areas addressed by your goals.
Lesson 6:Wrapping up
Determine the lifestyle that you want most. This is the starting point. What are the changes you need to make?

Live the Best Year of Your Life

To live the best year of your life it will require some true retrospect of your past and your future. This program if done correctly is like a life audit. A life audit will help you live intentionally and build your dream life. This program is a fantastic tool to assist you to reflect on your happiness in all areas of life, to determine where to focus your time and energy in the next year, and to prioritize the right next steps for you to see massive results in the quickest amount of time. 

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What do the sessions deal with?
Principle 1: Family expectations & values

We will be looking at why the family needs values and expectations, and some tips on how to create them in our everyday lives.

Principle 2: You are a parent not a friend

If social anxiety is largely a learned behavior, it only makes sense that you can learn a new way of reacting to situations that currently cause fear and anxiousness. There are several strategies that can lessen or eliminate social anxiety.

Principle 3: Be firm but fair
​Social confidence and self-esteem are at the core of becoming a socially confident. Removing your anxiety creates a neutral condition that will allow you to build your social confidence.
Principle 4: It’s okay for kids to make mistakes

In this particular module we look at ways on how to build an exciting social life and make lasting friendships. 

Principle 5: Be active not passive
Principle 6: Equip wit emotional intelligence

Guiding Principles To Raise Happy Kids

Quality time, communication, teamwork, and appreciation of each other make up positive family relationships. So as we progress through this course here are a couple of thought provoking questions.

What are the best ways to parent?  What are the key principles to keep in mind while fostering a loving family life?

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 what People I’ve Worked With say

“Martin took my idea and helped me turn it into a profitable company in less than four months!”

I truly believe that that was one of the most practical workshops that I have ever been to, I often attend workshops and seminars but what stuck out for me the most is your sincere and genuine approach to helping people become better and realise their full potential.

There were so many great realisations for me and what was most inspiring was the realisation that I need to work harder on understanding others, just as hard as I do on understanding myself, what their love language is and what personality types they are. Communication is imperative as we live in a world that is filled with different personality types so that is something that I am definitely putting as a priority in my life and looking forward to practicing.

I am so grateful towards you because you are not only a great inspiration but a living testimony that “dreams really do come true”

I wish you Gods favor in everything that you do.

Litha Booi

Thanks for a very pleasant day, I arrived with trepidation and expectation, but very quickly became so involved with the ‘work’ that I started noticing the people around me, and their reaction times and understanding of the content of the exercises. I found the whole workbook interesting and realise how much work went into compiling it.I am comfortably aware of the need to overcome my procrastination and am seriously looking at every avenue to make it something of the past.

Any further help from you guys is welcome.

Thanks again for the day

Ockie Botha