I spent over 15 years learning the corporate ropes and climbing the ladder to the very top. My journey, which started at the very bottom of the pile, taught me valuable lessons both about how to succeed and about how to fail – in spectacular fashion. Having reached the pinnacle of my career I realized that I could make a difference sharing the lessons I had learned thus started the second phase of my career. 

I have spent the past 20+ years on a personal development journey while making a business out of helping other people to climb their own ladders. On the way I have studied Psychology, business and leadership, amongst other things, in my drive to offer the best solutions that I am able.

I have consulted in most business and corporate environments from mining to banking to entertainment and most things in between. I typically work with middle to senior and executive managers as well as business owners. I have been in board rooms and on the proverbial coal face and I love to help others succeed on their own individual journeys.